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My Approach

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My Specialties



Nervous system dysregulation


Health related issues

Integrating Awareness into Your Life

Ask yourself...

- Is your current reality fulfilling?

- Are you ready for transformation?

I want to help you to listen, learn and know the signs that guide you to inner peace. To befriend resistance and let go of expectations of what change will feel like, look like, or when it will happen. To trust that your inner light will guide you home. 


Within every one of us that feels unease, there is an unmet need.  Although we are intimate with how it feels, we are unfamiliar with what it needs.  It is locked away by a belief that no longer serves us.  As we let go of the explanations and reasons we can go deeper and uncover the truth that needs to be realized.  You are exactly where you are supposed to be.


When we are stuck, the resistance tells us we are on the wrong path.  Once the need is recognized, the right path begins to emerge and we are ready to transform.   The resistance has a purpose and when we recognize its truth, it will let go. Each stage of resistance teaches us. When we arrive at inner peace we are confident we know how to stay.

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When you are safe in your body,
you have unconditional belonging and safety.

We'll be working on:

  • partnering with our nervous system to guide our professional and personal life

  • approaching thoughts and emotions with curiosity

  • slowing down and listening to our needs

  • sitting with internal discomfort

  • letting your emotions/parts share their beliefs, stories and messages

  • befriending parts that are not fully welcomed to make ourselves whole

  • cultivating your intuition and higher self energy

  • connecting with others while also being true to ourselves

  • examining our attachment wounds and the impact of those wounds on our relationships

  • examine inner dissonance that keeps us stuck in procrastination mode

  • healing old wounds and releasing the burdens you carry

  • creating space and inviting in what is missing


We go at the pace that feels right for you and you always have the choice to decline a topic, activity or suggestion.  

I utilize a range of techniques such as Internal Family Systems (IFS), nervous system regulation, mindfulness, Flash Technique, somatic therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and many others.  I strive to identify the approaches that resonate most effectively with your unique needs. 



University of Michigan Post-doctoral Fellowship

2 year post-doctoral training in Rehabilitation psychology and Neuropsychology


PGSP-Stanford PsyD Consortium

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology


VA Salt Lake City

Internship in Clinical Psychology

Licensed Psychologist WA - PY61229698

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